First arc, complete!

Tizio’s journey has taken him from his borrowed apartments at the foot of The Hill through the gritty streets of the Citta, down to the catacombs underneath where the Roden make their lairs and plot, and back up again to his family’s compound where he has assumed the place of leadership…for now.

His quest for vengeance has provided him his share of allies (and catspaws), to be sure: Rodolfo, his steadfast friend; Emilio, a cunning co-conspirator; Padre Eustacio, well-meaning but unwitting. But none of these are as powerful and as dangerous as the Roden whose cause Tizio has, for better or for worse, joined forces with. A shadowy clan of rat-people dwelling in the tunnels and caverns beneath the Citta, their doings were subtle and inscrutable even to Tizio, who they had named Rat-Friend and Chosen One. Before he could realize what he was helping them accomplish, the rat-folk enacted a strange and bizarre ritual which caused the caverns beneath the river which flows through the Citta to collapse, destroying the Castiglia outright and sinking and flooding many of the older districts in town, including the wretched Isola di Canii.

In the chaos of the event that would become known as the Notte D’acqua – the Night of Waters – Tizio confronted his half-brother, Benovitto della Spada, and had his bloody satisfaction, assuming control of the della Spada family thereafter. But the Citta is most assuredly not as it was when his designs were hatched. Now that he has seized power, will Tizio be able to hold onto it, or will it turn on him as well?

Cold as Steel