Ladro della Spada

Duellist, street-tough, bastard son: a concatenation of Shakespearean bravos.



Will Perception Power Forte Agilty Speed
B5 B4 B4 B4 B4 B6
- 2Diff - - - -
3F - - - - 1F, 1P

Hesitation: 6 (5 against death, violence, and pain)


Health Steel Mortal Wound Reflexes Circles Resources
B5 B5 B10 B4 B3 B4
2Diff, 1Chal 1Rout, 2Diff 1Diff
1P, 1F 3F, 1P


Skill Exponent Advancement Tests Artha
Family Secrets-Wise (Special) B3 2Diff, 2Rout, 1Chal
Streetwise (Special) B3 3Rout, 1Diff 2P
Sword (Martial) B5 2Rout, 1Diff 7F, 5P
Two-Fisted Fighting Training *
Extortion (Social) B3 4Rout, 1Diff 1P
Etiquette (Social) B2 1Rout
Knives (Martial) B2
Intimidation (Social) B4 - 2P, 1D
Persuasion (Social) B3 2Rout, 2Diff, 1Chal 1F, 1P
Conspicuous (Social) B4 2Rout 1F, 2P
Falsehood (Social) B4 - 2P

Skills Being Learned

Aptitude Skill Number of Tests
6 Roden-wise 1
6 Nicolosio-wise 1
5 Inconspicuous 1
6 Observation 2
5 Ratiquette 2
5 Oratory 1


1 Fate 0 Deeds 4 Persona


Sup (+1 Ob) Li (-1d) Midi (-2d) Ser (-3d) Trau (-4d) Mortal
B3 B5 B7 B8 B9 B10
- - - - -



“All that remains is to humiliate my truebred brother utterly – by informing that I have brought about his ruin!” → Upgraded to Driven

“To complete Benovitto’s fall from grace, I will frame him for Silvio’s abduction.”

“I will cement relations between the rat-folk and myself but delivering them the magus Silvio.”


Always reply to insults with steel. (Spent Persona towards this Instinct)

Never take ‘no’ for an answer. (Spent Fate towards this Instinct)

Always grant mercy to those who beg for it.


  • Mercenary (Char)
  • Scheming (Dt) – +1D to Body of Argument
  • Mark of Privilege (Dt) – 1D Affiliation with nobility, +1Ob to Inconspicuous or Falsehood when masquerading as a commoner
  • Bastard (Dt) – 1D Infamous reputation among the nobility
  • Cold-Blooded (Dt) – -1 Hesitation for death, violence, or pain
  • Scarred (Dt)- +1D to Intimidation, +1Ob to Inconspicuous & Seduction. Adds 1D infamous reputation as “scarred at his better’s hands.”
  • Gesticulant (Char)
  • Dusky (Char)
  • Magnanimous (Char)

Affiliations, Relationships, and Reputations

1d Affiliation with the local nobility

1d Infamous reputation among the local nobility as a della Spada bastard

1d Infamous reputation as being scarred at his better’s hands

1d reputation as a blade to be reckoned with

1d reputation among the Roden as the Deep One’s Chosen

Inimical relationship with truebred half-brother, Benovitto della Spada

Relationship with Rodolfo the Fat, mildly unsavory merchant


(Tizio’s superior rapier – image ripped from Cashen Blades.)

Item Power Add VA Speed Length
Superior rapier 2 1 - Fast Long
Superior parrying dagger 1 1 1 Fast Shortest

Rapier IMS: B3 B6 B9

Reinforced leather fighting doublet: B3 armor on chest (reduced to 2)
Moderately nice clothing and shoes: brown leather slippers, grey whipcord trews, a linsey-woolsey doublet, a felted beret. And a murder uniform — pointy-toed boots (worn and scuffed), baggy pants (striped off-white and a rather muddy green, now stained with blood and dyer’s remnants to mid-thigh), a once-lush red silk swordsman’s shirt that needs a tailor’s attention, thoroughly bloodstained over the scarlet dye.

A dimly phosphorescent rock, a sigil for passing among the rat-folk.

A single cash die (about thirty ducats)

A mysterious ring procured from the magus Silvio


Clemente — a physicker of ill repute. +1d to Circle up.

M’lady ’Ella — Roden contact. +1d to Circle up.

Padre Eustacio — +1D to Circle up.

Emilio — +1D to Circle up.

Idle Beliefs

“I deserve a woman of virtue and beauty — such as Mirabella Nicolosio. I will make her mine!” (Spent Fate, Persona towards this Belief)

Ladro della Spada

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