Turning Tides Feng

A headstrong young practitioner of gongfu, driven to create the ur-Style by combining the best elements of all styles.


Appearance: Turning Tides displays the Water aspect in his lineage and namesake upon his countenance, which flows easily from amusement to disdain to rage to bliss. Like water, his demeanor is translucent, showing his emotional state lurking below. But he can also be murky, impenetrable, and impossible to grasp. He is round of face, indicating an honest and forthright nature. His narrow eyes demonstrate contempt for the unexamined practice. His high forehead suggests a scholarly temperament, and his low hairline imputes a lack of meticulousness. His long limbs and short digits demonstrate flightiness and lack of empathy, and his ruddy skin tone betrays a stubborn heart.

Archetype: Warrior

Rank: 4

  • Lake: 7
  • River: 2
  • Chi Replenishment 2
  • Chi Aura 2
  • Chi: 12/12 (6)

Destiny: 3
Cultivation: 27/50
Entanglement: 18/50


  • Chivalrous: 0
  • Malicious: 4


  • Hardiness +10
  • Confidence +5
  • Awareness +10 (Hear +15)
  • Tactics +5
  • Inspire +5
  • Finesse +5 (Acrobatics +10)
  • Wu Wei +5


  • Benevolence 1
  • Ferocity 3
  • Force 4
  • Individualism 4
  • Honor 3
  • Obsession 3
  • Loyalty 1
  • Revenge 2
  • Righteousness 1
  • Ruthlessness 2


  • Headstrong


  • Blade of the Wind-Bent Reed, either a barbarously short glaive or a sword with aspirations to spearhood.


  • Light armor: the padded trousers and layered silk jacket of a common caravan-guard, travel-stained but well-kept.


  • Graceful Crane Style
    • Patient, elegant; uses dancing circular motions; defends and redirects aggression
    • Laughs At linearly-focused aggression, stubborn and rigid styles
    • Fears fluidness, being hobbled or lame
Speed +5
Footwork +15
Strike +5
Block +5
Damage +0
Toughness +5
  • Twin Tiger-Subduing Talons: May choose to substitute a Passion for an Injury Condition.
  • Crane Shelters Among Reeds: Dodge bonus becomes +20 against groups of Minions.
  • Educating Wings: If a Dodge beats a strike by 10 or more points, Reply to inflict 1 Ripple.
  • Nine Sun Birds
    • 1: Cry of the Golden Crow: +5 to Speed.
    • 2: Light Diffused by Clouds: Waves cannot by broken by those with 20 points or fewer Initiative advantage.
    • 2: Hou Yi’s Arrows: +10 to Strike.
    • 3: Flight of the Golden Crow: Cross multiple zones with a single Cover Ground result.

Trivial Earth: Obsessed with discovering the nature or Hue Tzi’s scroll. Recovery 11, Interval 1 day, Duration 1.


Loresheets, Entanglement

(3) Eagle Talons

  • (3) Status as a member of the Eagle Talons.
  • (2) Technique: Eagle Claws, which permits unarmed attacks to count as saber attacks.
  • (0) Bonus: One-time -2 Destiny discount when learning a secondary External: Bone-Fed Wolf Fang, Ravenous Wings, or Shadow Catching.
  • (0) Bonus: May learn all techniques of Nine Sun Birds.

(3) The Iron Pillar Sage. I must become his student to learn gongfu that will balance all the hopping-around bird-fu.

(4) A rival among the Eagle Talons, one Cai Liu Zhaoji. She is as galling as a saddle-burr, a skinny, thistle-headed loudmouth who always seems to be there to witness when I screw up. Even worse, she’s declared her intention to be the first and only student of the Iron Pillar Sage!

(3) Involvement: Falling Leaves plot.

Turning Tides Feng

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