Key ID: Ivan Lennon

Generation: Immigrant

Clade: Ex-Martian Politik Clonefarm Refugee

Flow: 8/8

Geneline: Iulianov-2 • 1 • Bald, Approachable, Pensive


Ephemera • 1

Negotiation • 1


VoxBox 0.1.2 • 1 • Ephemera, Laryngeal, Emotive

ePhorism Keysoft • 1 • Thin Slicing, Quotations Database, Seemingly Sagacious


Type XXIII Disassembler Matrix • 1 • Breaking, Nanomechanical, Banned on Earth Gifted

< Paul Electric Holobody Guitar • 2 • Ephemera, Musical, Omnichordophonic

Printed beef • 1 • Cultivation, Beef, Poorly Marbled

Ares Material Science Labs E-Repair Putty (Beta Version, not for public release) • 1 • Recycling, Martian Nanotech, Smelly

Spectracles™ • 1 • Social Engineering, Biometric, Fashion Accessory


Long Term:

  • A clone-sibling, Anulo Asterr, told me if I ever make it to CHOIRS alive, I should introduce myself to the Janhammers Musikcollctiv.
  • I remember the cheering crowds in the Valles Marineris Political Alignment Stadium the first time I played the < Paul.


  • On my first day on Freemarket, this chick – Pam Sexinpaw – tried to get me to join her MRCZ. When I told her I’d have to think about it, she tried to get me to gift my guitar! I had to run.

MRCZ: Red Meet

Tags: Thin Slicing, Sensory, Underground

Needs: Printing, Patronage, Infamy


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